Those who use a Mastercard or a Masterpass to purchase tickets for Rugby World Cup 2019 to be held in Japan (the “Tickets”) on this site double the chances of winning the ballot for the Tickets (this “Promotion”). Acceptance of these terms and conditions (these "Terms and Conditions”) is a condition to apply for this Promotion. Applicants for the Promotion shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

1.Entrants: This promotion is only open to applicants aged 18 or over. No one less than 18 years old is allowed to apply for this Promotion.

2.Target of this Promotion: This promotion applies to the following ballot for the Tickets held by Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee (the “JR2019”).

Bundle tickets (Stadium packs and Team packs)
(1) Priority Ballot Sale for the Rugby Family in Japan
Application period: 10:00 on Friday, 19 January 2018 to 23:59 on Friday, 26 January 2018 (JST)
(2) General Sales (Ballot)
Application Period: 10:00 on Saturday, 27 January 2018 to 23:59 on Monday, 12 February 2018 (JST)

Individual tickets
(1) Priority Ballot Sales for Rugby Family in Japan
Application period: 10:00 on Monday, 19 February 2018 to 23:59 on Monday, 12 March 2018 (JST)
(2) Priority Ballot Sales for Host City Residents
Application period: 10:00 on Monday, 19 March 2018 to 23:59 on Thursday, 12 April 2018 (JST)
(3) Priority Ballot Sales for Rugby Friends in Japan
Application period: 10:00 on Thursday, 19 April 2018 to 23:59 on Saturday, 12 May 2018 (JST)
(4) Priority Ballot Sales for Supporters Club Members / Front Row Members
Application period: 10:00 on Saturday, 19 May 2018 to 23:59 on Tuesday, 26 June 2018 (JST)
(5) First General Ticket Sales (Ballot)
Application period: 10:00 on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 to 23:59 on Monday, 12 November 2018 (JST)
*For details, please see Ticketing Information

3.Notification to Applicants: The applicants will be informed of the Ticket ballot result in the manner JR2019 separately determines.

4.Application Condition: Applicants are required to use their own Mastercard or Masterpass to purchase their Tickets online after they win the ballot for the Tickets.

5.Compliance with Terms and Conditions: Applicants to this Promotion shall agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Important Notes, Ticketing Terms and Conditions and other rules JR2019 or Rugby World Cup Limited (“RWCL”) establishes, which are applied to this site and Tickets, including any venue owner or operator rules and regulations relating to access to Rugby World Cup venues and other areas associated with Rugby World Cup (including any terms of accreditation determined by RWCL).
Applicants to this Promotion shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with them by applying for this Promotion. Each Applicant also acknowledges that they may be required to enter into a direct acknowledgement and/or agreement with RWCL and/or JR2019 concerning the use of the tickets and compliance with ticket terms and conditions.

6.Negative Publicity: Successful applicants shall not, while using any Rugby World Cup tickets, display or publicize any political slogans or homophobic language, images of a lewd or explicitly sexual nature, images containing logos of competitors and overt brand sponsorship or anything else deemed to be ambush marketing or an abuse of the Rugby World Cup, content which is defamatory, obscene, illegal, vulgar, offensive or otherwise unsuitable or infringes others’ rights (including intellectual property rights) or reflects negatively upon any of RWCL or the Rugby World Cup. Each applicant agrees and acknowledges that any breach of this clause 6 shall cause significant damage and loss to RWCL.

7.Information Protection: Information provided upon application for this Promotion shall be handled as“Information” stipulated in the Privacy Policy in accordance with the Policy. Your information will be stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the security measures describes in the Privacy Policy will be applied to your information. Subject to the following and save as set out in the Privacy Policy, JR2019 will not share your details with anyone else. JR2019 may pass personal information relating to successful applicants to RWCL (and its and RWCL’s respective service providers and agents) for the purposes of monitoring the distribution and use of Rugby World Cup tickets and related experiences and, in the event of a suspected breach of any terms and conditions, rules or regulations of RWCL and/or JR2019 relating to the use of such tickets and/or experiences, investigation and taking action against successful applicants.

8.Discretion of the JR2019: JR2019 may decide any matters relating to this Promotion at its discretion and its decision shall be binding upon applicants.

9.Responsibility for Promotion: This Promotion is operated by JR2019. JR2019 is responsible for the operation of and all matters and concerns relating to this Promotion. Neither World Rugby nor RWCL accepts any responsibility to the applicants relating to this Promotion.

10.Cancellation of Promotion: JR2019 reserves the right to cancel or amend this Promotion due to events or circumstances beyond its control.

11.Unlawful Entries: Entrants must not be resident in a jurisdiction in which application for this Promotion breaches any applicable laws. By applying, applicants warrant that they are permitted to do so by law in the jurisdiction in which they reside. JR2019 is entitled to cancel or invalidate the application or the result of the ballot in case that the application for this Promotion was done in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

12.Severability: If any provision of these Terms and Conditions or part thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Law of Japan or other laws or regulations that apply to these Terms and Conditions, the remaining provisions or the remaining part of the provision which is partly held to be invalid shall remain full force and effect.

13.Language: The original of these Terms and Conditions has been prepared in the Japanese language. In the case of any inconsistency or difference between the original and the translation in any language other than Japanese, the Japanese version shall prevail.

14.Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any and all disputes in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.