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STEP1Personal Details -- Enter your name, address, date of birth, email address, and so on

  • Create and register your account
    Click the 'Register' button

  • *Please be reminded that all information is mandatory except your 'Title', irrelevant fields in the address section (if any), and the second telephone number.

  • *It only takes a few minutes or so to join the Front Row. You can join now and come back to this page to finish your account registration.

  • *This is optional. Please note that only participating teams are listed, and teams will be added as they qualify. Selecting the team you support does not affect the result of your ballot application.

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    RWC 2019-related Information
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    Finally click "Submit" and check your email inbox for the New Account Activation email.

STEP2After submitting your personal details, check your email inbox for a New Account Activation email

If you cannot find the "New Account Activation" email, please check the email address that you have provided, your spam folder, and your mail rejection settings. The address you will have received the email from is 'no-reply@tickets.rugbyworldcup.com' with the subject line 'New Account Activation’. If you still cannot find it, please submit a request to resend the New Account Activation email as follows: 1. Please check your email settings so you can receive emails from 'no-reply@tickets.rugbyworldcup.com' .2. Select 'Password Recovery/Activation email' from the menu bar at the top of RWCL 2019 Official Ticketing site.

STEP3Activate your account

  • Activate your account
    Click on the 'Activate My Account' button. This is a link to the log in page to enable you to activate your account by logging in.

  • Check that your account is activated
    You will see a message saying that your account has been activated.

    When you see this message:

    it may be because you have clicked on ‘Activate My Account’ button multiple times. There is chance that your account is already activated, so try logging in.

STEP4Try logging in!