A guide for first time users:

Notes on the use of credit cards or debit cards

*Please confirm that you have entered all required information correctly.

If you repeatedly experience the same error message and cannot proceed with your payment, we recommend contacting your credit card company or bank.

Personal Authentication

For credit card payments, you may be required to enter your username and password on the credit card company's personal authentication page. If you are not sure of your web authentication registration, username and/or password, we recommend first checking with your credit card company.

Credit limits

Please make sure that the total amount to be paid is within your credit card's spending limit.

Making a purchase on a Japanese Website

Some credit card companies and banks issuing credit cards set a lower transaction amount limit for the use of credit cards in foreign countries or on foreign websites as a means to prevent fraudulent usage. If you repeatedly experience the same error message and cannot proceed with your payment, please contact your credit card company. You will need to provide the following information:

(a) that it is about a transaction on the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan’s official ticketing site, operated in Japan;
(b) the date and time you were/will be trying to make the payment; and
(c) the total amount to be paid.

*Internet Connection

Please be reminded that if the internet connection is unstable or slow, you may not be able to complete your payment process properly.

*Back Button on Browser

Do not use back button on your browser or close the browser during the transaction.

*Make Payment' Button

After an occurrence of disconnection (due to unstable or slow internet connection, for example), 'Make Payment' button on 'My Applications' page may not be displayed. In such case, please log out once and try logging in again after 60 minutes or so.


When you select Masterpass™ for the payment, a separate Masterpass™ window will open for your transaction. After entering all required information in the Masterpass™ window, you will come back to the original ticketing site page. Please do not forget to click on 'Confirm Payment' on this page to complete your payment.