A guide for first time users:

STEP1Log in

  • Enter your registered email address and password and click 'Login'.

    * If you have not created your account yet, please read this information on how to create your account.

  • Information in regard to applying for tickets:
    Please read the rules on purchasing tickets carefully before you move on, then click 'Next'.

    1If you see this message, it means that you cannot apply for tickets in the current phase.

STEP2Select tickets

  • Match Selection
    All applicable matches are listed on this page.
    2You will be able to filter the list by Date/Team/Venue.
    Click on Reset to go back to the whole list again.

    If you find the match that you want to go to, click on 'Select this Match'.

  • Select Category and Quantity
    You can select and change the quantity by clicking on the minus (-) and plus (+) symbols34
    When you finish selecting the categories and quantities, click on 'Add to Basket'.

    *You can apply for up to 6 tickets per match.
    *You can apply for one or more categories as long as it is less than a total of 6 tickets per match.

  • Confirm your selection of matches, categories, quantities and price
    If you want to apply for more tickets, click on 'Add Tickets' and repeat the above procedures.5
    If you are happy with what you have selected, move on to finalise your ticket application.

    *If you want to cancel everything that you selected, click on 'Clear Basket'.6
    *If you want to remove one or more matches you selected from your application, click on 'Remove' under ‘Actions’ on the far right side of/under the list.7
    *If you want to change the category and/or quantity, you need to 'Remove' the match once and repeat the match selection process.

STEP3Finalize your ticket applications

  • Confirm your address8
    The address you registered in your account will be used as the delivery address.
    It is important that all information including your country selection are correct.
    To change your country selection and/or address, click on 'Update'.9

    Selection of Delivery Method10
    If you want printed-tickets delivered to your postal address, select ‘POST’.
    If you wish to use your smartphone for entry, select 'E-TICKET'.
    *If you applied for Premium Seat tickets, you need to select 'POST'.

    Please select from either not making a donation or one of the three donation amounts.

  • Other options to maximise your chance of winning
    12Click the 'Cascade' box if you wish to use this option to increase your chance of winning in the ballot. Please note that cascading goes both ways for Categories B and C, only down for Category A and only up for Category D.
    *Premium Seat and Wheelchair Seat tickets cannot be cascaded.

    Mastercard® and Masterpass13Click the 'Mastercard Double You Chances' box where you will commit to paying for your tickets using either Mastercard or Masterpass to double your chances of winning the ballot.

  • Finalise your application
    14Click the ‘Ticketing terms and conditions' box.

    Finally, click on 'Submit Application' to complete your ticket application.

STEP4Confirm your ticket application

  • Application Confirmation
    Please wait for this window to be displayed to confirm your ticket application.

  • Confirmation of Application (email)
    Once your ticket application is complete, you will receive an email to your registered address with the same information as shown on the 'Application Confirmation' page.

  • Confirming or changing your ticket application
    You can see your ticket application information on 'My Application' page.
    You can amend your application by clicking on 'Withdraw' and repeating the ticket application procedures from the beginning. However, this is allowed only during the same application phase. Withdrawal/changes cannot be made after the ticket application period closes.

  • We anticipate higher traffic toward the end of any ticket application window. If you want to make any changes, we recommend not waiting until the last minute to do so.
    * If you win the ballot, you will be asked to purchase all of the tickets you have won. You cannot choose from tickets you have won and make a partial payment.